Wageningen UR E-depot

    You are at the home page of the Wageningen UR E-depot.

    In this digital repository we store documents and links which represent the full text of documents that are described in our catalogue or documentation databases, like edepot.wur.nl/315410.

    The E-depot service, hosted by the Wageningen UR library, offers:

    • short persistent URL's e.g.: http://edepot.wur.nl/<number>
    • compound documents (chapters, additional documents, etc. identified by one URL)
    • professional archiving of digital assets
    • versioning of digital assets
    • restricted access and embargoes if necessary

    For a complete overview of our services, check the Wageningen UR Library website.

    If you are interested in indexing our edepot items there is a sitemap available

    Want to know more? servicedesk.facilities@wur.nl